Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A hard day

Today was a hard day, and I know I made more than a few self destructive decisions today.  However, I do not consider this cocktail in my hand, sort of a grown-up chocolate milk, one of those decisions.  In fact, I think that between making myself a fattening, delicious, alcoholic drink, or smashing something with a hammer, the drink is a positive choice.

There was a stumble down the stairs today (me), several potty accidents (Max and the dogs), the throwing of food (Sam), and lots of screaming and crying (all of us).  After dinner tonight I had to get out of the house, and since I am trying to avoid spending money, I went to my local library.  That’s apparently how I blow off some steam.  It was a welcome respite.  I picked up a book by Willa Cather and one by Joshua Ferris.  On the way home I listened to NPR, and heard Huck Gutman’s commentary on poets as lifelong teachers.  Please check it out here.  Listening to that two minute segment on the radio has given me more of a buzz than this drink will, with much fewer calories. 

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