Monday, June 27, 2011

Slow Times

It’s a little slow around here right now.  I suppose I should enjoy it, but I feel the need be working on something.  It’s probably because projects are looming ahead, promising joy and anxiety.

 I learned a few things last week though: 

  1. I can’t understand why it has taken me this long to getting around to reading The Great Gatsby.  I have had this book on my shelf for over five years, and must have picked it up three or four times.  Somehow it never held my interest.  I must have given up at page three, because this time I could not put it down and finished it in two days.  What a beautifully tragic story.  Oddly enough, a conversation about the movie Roadhouse triggered my interest in starting it again.
  2. Sweet onion butter!!!!  I made it to go along with some bacon muffins, and I now want to have it on hand all the time.  It's great on corn muffins, crumpets, and I'm looking forward to smothering it on a steak.  It’s very simple to make.  Take a stick of butter and let it come to room temperature.  Add ¼ cup chopped sweet onion, ½ tsp of garlic powder (more or less to taste), and mix it all together.  Put it in a crock, mold, or small bowl and there you have it. 
  3. Every time I go grocery shopping, I should check how many eggs I have.  It’s simple arithmetic, but somehow I can never keep track of how many eggs I have used during the week.  When I load my groceries into my fridge on shopping day, I find that I either have twenty-two eggs, or like this week, one.  Does anyone have an idea for a pantry-staple, eggless dessert?  I didn't want to make a run with the kids just for eggs, so I tried twice to make a brownie-pudding cake, and let’s just say that you won’t be reading about it on my blog.  

I woke up a few days ago with Cyndi Lauper’s song Money Changes Everything in my head, and I thought, I would like to find out.

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