Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Homeowners!

It has been so very long since I've posted anything.  Our world has been overwhelmed with the house buying process.  Finding the house was simple enough.  It won't be our forever and ever house, but with a little jazzing up, it will fit us for quite some time.  Someone asked me how long we spent searching and I had to think; "Let's see, we started at 9:00 that morning, and it was one of the last houses we saw that afternoon." 

Of course, after the fun part of house hunting is over, it's lots of paperwork and phone calls, and money that you are handing over to banks and inspectors and lawyers.  That part is long and tedious.  It's over though, (except for the handing over money part; that never seems to end) and we are now happy homeowners!  We moved only a few minutes away from the town-home we were renting, which is great because we can take our time and move most things ourselves.  It's also a pain in the neck, because we are really taking our time moving most things ourselves, meaning that every day I am running over to grab a clean change of clothes for the next day.

Right now, Edward has run over to the old house to pack up what he can, and I am waiting for the correct box springs for our bed to be delivered.  The past few nights I've felt like the princess from The Princess and the Pea.  We won't have Internet connectivity for a week now, but I hope to post this soon.  With Christmas around the corner, and all sorts of design projects to do around the house, I hope to post more often. 

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