Thursday, January 5, 2012

While my son is napping

Wow, it's already January 5th, and this is my first post of the New Year.  You see, I didn't mention before that one of my secret resolutions is to blog more often.  I've said that time and time again, but this time I am serious.  How many times have I said that?  Still, I am serious.  Also, I think I need to bring my "more structure/organization" resolution into my blog, so I am planning some sort of overhaul to happen in the next few weeks.

Today though, nothing much is happening.  Sam, my youngest, has gone through three outfits by eleven o' clock.  I am in my second, after his upset stomach took vengeance on me for feeding him toast.  After showering the two of us and doing a load of laundry (this was supposed to be a laundry-free day), I am beat.  Pretty sad, since it's not even noon.  We will not be venturing out today, and there were so many things I need (ok...want) to purchase.  I have new cookbooks with recipes I must try!  Three were Christmas gifts, but I also purchased one for myself a few days after.  (I normally do not buy myself things I want so soon after Christmas, but I was starting to feel incomplete without Yvette Van Boven's Home Made.  It came yesterday, and just looking at the pictures makes my cup runneth over.)

Still, it's good to be forced to stay still and just enjoy what you already have around you.  I have several books to read, and right now I am really enjoying listening to my son, Max, direct his color pencils to "work together, good guys."

Oh yes, and I want to share that I had my first "order" for an apple pie this week.  I am more than happy about that.

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