Saturday, February 4, 2012

Start Me Up

Today is the day that I put an end to this procrastination streak I've been on.  So far, I'm on the right track with posting to my blog.  Now, I just have to follow through with the house items.

Painting is still causing havoc.  For the entirety of the past week, furniture has been dismantled and rearranged and my books are spread out along the living room floor.  The mess had finally met my threshold of tolerability, and so I took action.  "Finish painting and reassemble room" is written in large print on the whiteboard in the kitchen.  That may not seem like much of an action, but it seems to help.  The room should be done today (at least painted, furniture may be assembled tomorrow).

I also signed up for the Blogging A to Z April Challenge, where you blog every day in April except Sunday, with the subject of your post starting with A the first day, B the second, and so on.  Right now, at my current rate of one post every week and a half, it seems a little daunting.  I'm looking forward to it though.  I've checked out the blogs of several other participants, and I'm getting amped up for writing so much.  I love the idea of being a writer.  I spend quite a bit of time imagining myself a writer and poet .  Of waking up, drinking coffee, and composing a bit of verse or prose in the morning.  It's one of my favorite past times, dreaming and thinking about writing.  However, given the lack of time I spend with pen to paper (or fingers on the keyboard); I am questioning whether I actually enjoy the writing part.  Hopefully the challenge can add some clarity to that.  If you are interested in joining, you can sign up here.


  1. Sounds like fun. I'm excited to see your daily journaling. So hard to leave the comfort of comfort and DO something. You seem to be on your way though. Good Luck!

  2. i've signed up too! yikes! guess there will be a lot of cakes and craft projects in April! good luck to you!