Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Recovery Week

What happened to me last week?  I think at least four out of six meals came out of a box from the freezer or were take-away.  I just couldn't bring myself to plan my meals and write out my grocery list, a chore that I normally look forward to.  Of course, not doing it cost me more time than it would have taken to just write out the thing.  Going grocery chopping with two kids and no list is an unorganized mess.  Asking the kids what they want to eat leads to a lot of freezer items (explains some of last week's meals) and with no list I easily forget some basic staples, like eggs, milk, oil (partially explains the rest of last week).  Of course, fatigue is also to blame.  We had my family over on Saturday to help celebrate Max's 4th, so there was cleaning and baking to be done on Friday.  Max is all about dinosaurs so we trekked through the National Museum of Natural History and then had a late lunch and cake at my house.  I think I had my pajamas on at 6:00 pm that night.  Sunday and Monday were spent chasing down supplies and working on things for the home (I almost finished my first ever sewing project!  The curtains are hanging, but I want to add one thing before I can call them complete).  In short, I was tired and didn't want to cook at all last week.

Felt like this guy by the end of the day

I am trying to make up for it this week, however.  I made my meals and my list, and yesterday we did our shopping.  We are paying our bodies back for the shabby treatment we gave them last week with lots of fruits and vegetables.  I won't lie, a little thrill went through me when I heard the woman in line behind me say to her toddler son, "Look at all the yummy stuff she's buying.  I feel a little guilty."  Hopefully I will use it all and we won't be throwing out any produce on Saturday.  We started last night with this, penne with artichokes.  I found the recipe on Pintrest, but you can find it here.

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