Friday, April 20, 2012

Ramble On

Which is really all I am going to do for this post.  It's been a day.  But now, I'm rocking to Led Zeppelin, so that's making things better.  I think everyone has three lists when it comes to songs, not music or even bands, but specific songs.  There's the list of songs that you can't stand to hear (for me, Walking on Sunshine falls into this category), songs that you love, but may be slightly embarrassing (I'm not easily embarrassed, but songs like Come on Irene could fit here) and then there are YOUR SONGS.  The ones you feel comfortable calling "favorite."  The ones you blast in your car whenever they come on, that you can help to smile or move or whatever to.  Ramble On is on the top of my list.  It's best when it comes on the radio when you're driving on a sunny day, or at bar, a few hours after people have been doing a fair amount of drinking (songs from category two are also good, especially anything by Neil Diamond [who I love, I'll admit])

But back to rambling.  I thought about writing about respect, or the lack of it I've been getting from my oldest.  Then I thought about rain, how happy I am that are finally getting some this weekend.  Or maybe relaxation (what is that again?), but no.  I don't have the focus.  We went shopping this morning for kid shoes and maternity clothes.  Shopping always tires me out.  Then we came home and pulled ivy from an overgrown corner of our yard.  We found the beginning of a very nice rock wall hidden under the 15 or so years of growth; who knows what else will be revealed?  My contribution to the actual pulling of the ivy was small, but I had to run interference between my sons.  Max has started to get pretty bossy. He was trying to tell Sam how to sit, how many crayons to have, that he was a bad boy.  Every time he barked an order at Sam, Sam responded by blowing raspberries at him.  I should have broken it up early on, but it was hilarious.  Don't you wish you could do that to your boss, or spouse, or kids when they said something you didn't care for?

A walk to the lake and back, and now it's bath time and then bed time, for all of us.  This might be one of the days I tuck myself in at 8:30, so I will try to get to catching up on reading your blogs tomorrow.  Right now, Sam is having a staring contest with our Goldendoodle, and Max is serenading me with Hall and Oates Kiss is on My List.  Not a bad end to the day.


  1. Sounds like you had a tiring day. Know what you mean about Neil Diamond! Love Led Zeppelin by the way. Hope you have a less tiring day tomorrow. smiles :)

  2. You're so right about the three lists! I am slightly embarrassed that I occasionally listen to Duran Duran when I'm exercising :-)

    1. But The Reflex is such a great workout song!

  3. "Because your kiss, your kiss, is on my list..." That's a GREAT song :) Your kids do indeed sound hilarious, and (as a non-mom) I really loved the image of you not laying down the law faster because Sam's raspberries were so entertaining. I'd totally do that if I had kids :)

    Thanks for stopping over at my blog earlier, and for the thoughtful comment. Especially loved the "drink wine and plan how to get even" part :D I do think you described the *perfect* reaction, if there's such a thing, to criticism. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Great R post. I especially liked the image of your youngest having a staring contest with the dog. Reminds me of Frasier.

  5. I had visions of The Secret Garden when you wrote about the ivy. Hope you find something that sparks your imagination.

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