Tuesday, July 19, 2011

And we have the pictures to prove it

It’s official, our house in North Carolina is on the market.  The listing agreement was actually signed last month, but after a little clean-up and some small repairs, it is finally listed

Yes, my husband and I have embarked on the adventure of selling a house.  I have to tell you, it’s rather dull at the moment.  It has involved reading and rereading a bunch of papers (a step we can look forward to repeating), paying out large sums of money, and a lot of waiting.  I have elected not to write about real estate agents, as I am reserving judgment until the end.

Hopefully, this period of waiting will be abbreviated.  Without the rental income, our household has outlined its own austerity measures.  We are having trouble enacting them, and if it is this difficult in a republic of two (our kids are represented but do not have voting rights) it is no wonder nations are rebelling against them.  I am the worst about it.  I don’t have many personal splurges.  I make most of my own beauty and hygiene products, I’m now able to avoid expensive coffee drinks, and I don’t go out that much (I did just see Harry Potter, my first movie in the theatre since Toy Story 3).  My budgeting willpower breaks down in the grocery store.  Actually, it’s busted way before that; it’s when I open up a cookbook or Bon Appétit, or check out the latest on Dinner: A Love Story (just made the recipe for dry rub baby back ribs and I have to say it, OMG! it was good).  I also like to experiment with making pastry and chocolate, and this costs more money than our grocery budget now allows.  However, I realize that the most expensive ingredients do not make the best meals, and now just need to get a little more creative.

Please, the few of you that will read this, send out positive thoughts for a quick and successful sale of our house.  Once this process is over, we can begin again in a different role, eagerly (and later, anxiously, I’m sure) looking to buy a house up here in Virginia.


  1. If you need help with tips at Aldi, I have run our house on a $40-50/week food budget for at least 2 years now. Not easy, but can be done. You just have to buy ingredients you know you can work with and not buy towards specific meals. Also, Mike could probably help with couponing! :) Good luck hun!

  2. I'll need your help with that. I tend to use coupons to buy the stuff I wouldn't ordinarily buy.

  3. Janna, stay positive about the house! It's a great house that you guys have done a lot to improve. I'm confident and am always here to help out where I can. Love you!