Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Purging and Recharging

We are getting ready to pack up and go on a mini-vacation tomorrow.  I think it may be the first vacation that we're going on as a family that doesn't involve visiting other family.  We're heading down to Williamsburg, VA.  It's only a few hours from where we live; a long car trip was not desired, and there's a lot to do around there.  Hopefully without spending too much money.  I asked Max what he wanted to do on vacation and he said "have fun."  I like the way he thinks.  We're skipping Busch Gardens, but may take a trip to the beach.  My children have never really seen the ocean.  Sam saw an image of it on TV last night and exclaimed "Swimming Pool!"  I think it's time to show them the real thing.

These past few weeks have been fun, but stressful.  It's been a month of purging, but the unintentional kind.  Three weeks ago our hard drive, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but the end result is that it doesn't work, at all.  For all intents and purposes, it's fried.  We lost all documents and pictures.  One one hand, I was partially relieved that I wasn't going to have to deal with the digital clutter I'd been collecting.  Mostly though, I was devastated at losing so many memories.  Luckily, we had backed up much of our documents (so I'll have to organize it sometime), but we still lost pictures from the past year.  I'm still searching through e-mails and asking family if they have any from Christmas.  An important lesson was learned, back files up regularly and share pictures with others.

More recently we accidentally defrosted our freezer.  That's not the best way to wake up in the morning.  Again, on one hand, it forced us to clear some things out that should have probably been tossed a while ago.  I suppose it's a good thing that I no longer have a box full of ice cream sandwiches to snack on whenever my stomach rumbles the baby wants one.  On the other, I hate throwing out food.  Fortunately, we didn't lose as much as I originally thought; it just meant a short spurt of furious cooking.

A vacation will be welcome.  I've been camped out in my house this week, which has been good.  I've been recharging and trying not to spend any money.  I've also been trying to make progress on my checklist of things to do around the house before the baby arrives, but it's a slow process.  The full weight of my pregnancy is finally hitting me, and there is just so much that I should not/cannot do.  Due to time and budget constraints, I'm trying to get excited about finishing projects and organizing things, as opposed to big decorating redoes.  Pintrest has been very helpful in that respect.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I'm hoping to take lots of pictures and have fun.


  1. Bon Voyage! (can I say that if you're going by car??) : ) Anyway, I hope you have a very fun time!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time. Please try to rest a bit.

  3. We had our freezer defrost WHILE we were away. Which made for the nastiest welcome home, ever!! Hope you have a nice vacation and recover more of those photos!

  4. i am sure that was super fun !
    and even i am in need of some vacation